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Click on the link to download Keith Andrew's Electronic Press Kit as a PDF - See more at:
Click on the link to download Keith Andrew's Electronic Press Kit as a PDF - See more at:

Click on the link to download Keith Andrew's Electronic Press Kit as a PDF


Keith has been playing guitar since he was just 10 years old and has never lost the passion to listen, compose and create music that is fresh, distinctive and new. His latest and third independently released solo recording is cookin’ up some hot new flavors which he calls Blue Funky Blue. This latest CD perfectly reflects the dynamic blues elements he’s incorporated into his music since he released his first self-titled debut and its popular follow up Contemplation. Keith also blends elements of Contemporary Jazz with a touch of Latin rhythms, sprinkles in some funky retro soul to spice things up, and tosses in some fusion and hard-edged vocal blues on this new project which has already landed on various jazz charts.

Originally from Baltimore, he moved with his family to San Francisco where he has been influenced by the rich and diverse music scene the Bay Area has to offer. Melding the influences of the San Francisco street style musicians and those of his teachers, Joe Diorio, Buzz Feiten, and Smooth Jazz mainstay, Norman Brown at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Keith has been able to develop a sound that is uniquely his own. Loaded with self-confidence, training, and experience, Keith has made his mark by gaining significant airplay on both terrestrial and internet radio. He has also performed live with numerous Northern California based bands, such as the popular World Jazz Fusion band Mana Humana, as well as showcasing his diversity during a stint with the South African band, Zulu Spear, Sound Minds, and others. Most recently, Keith sat in with Saxophonist, Marcus Anderson, at Humphrey’s Backstage in San Diego. Playing with these unique ensembles is exactly what makes Andrew different. From World music, Jazz, to Blues – Keith Andrew is a talented and eclectic composer and performer who has kicked instrumental music into high gear.


Keith co-founded and co-composed for the LA based Jazz/R&B band Himalaya, which became a staple of the Los Angeles music scene in the early 1990s. Keith had the honor of sharing the stage with stars such as Najee and Pieces of a Dream. Himalaya, whom Keith on occasionally still performs with to this day, has been at the core of many of Keith’s recordings and live performance projects, but more recently he has been focusing on his own group – The Keith Andrew Band - which has been performing at festivals and clubs in the Bay area. He has a unique, exciting sound that gets down in your soul, from your heart to the soles of your feet, and makes you want to stand up and dance – regardless of age. Keith says, “Growing up and living most of my adult life in the Bay Area was great for my musical development because I was exposed to so much world music, eclectic jazz and have gotten to be part of the area’s big jam band scene. Now in my solo work, I’m incorporating all that but also realizing that blues is the root of it all.” And that’s why The Keith Andrew Band is in such high demand.


Spaghettini Grill and Jazz Lounge - Seal Beach, CA

Humphrey’s Backstage Live – San Diego, CA

Gatsby Jazz Festival – Santa Barbara, CA

The Haight Street Festival – San Francisco, CA

Cotati Jazz Festival – Sonoma Wine Country, CA

The Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA

Nugget Jazz Nights - Reno, NV

Biscuits & Blues Union Room – San Francisco, CA

Viansa Winery – Sonoma Wine Country, CA

El Dorado Grill – Sonoma Wine Country, CA

Monterey Live – Monterey, CA

Silo’s Jazz Club – Napa, CA

Enrico’s – San Francisco, CA

Downtown Joe’s – Napa, CA


Keith’s latest CD, Blue Funky Blue gets seriously deep into the classic funk vibe from the start with “Pookie’s Groove Revisited,” but this is just the beginning. This 13 track set is full of a music adventurists’ dream with laid back retro R&B grooves, crisp electric guitar melodies, retro sound effects, exotic choral voices and even rolling drum beats. It’s exotic, eclectic, Bluesy and Funky. The tune “Bayon,” which features keyboardist Nate Ginsberg (who has toured with Herbie Hancock) keeps the retro cool going with those sharp electric lines gliding over easy percussion textures in a dreamy atmosphere. Then “Samasama,” a revamped version of a track from Keith’s debut album, swirls a soaring atmosphere, retro sound effects and a buoyant, rollicking guitar melody reminiscent of Chuck Loeb; the track features keyboardist Kit Walker. Keith even gives a nod to France on the song “Fertile Crescent” which is an exotic Euro musical adventure via a charming accordion harmony, but he doesn’t stop there. Andrew even rolls back to the days of Zulu Spear – the world/African band that included band mates Carlton Lowe and Cecil “P-Nut” Daniels – with exotic choral voices, rolling African guitar melodies and lively, joyous percussion in the tune “Sherpa Dance”. As fulfilling as the music is up to then, he then saves the party tunes for last and amps up on the electric rock-fusion slow jam “Howl Mountain” (a wink to Howlin’ Wolf ) and adds his formidable lead vocals to the horn-splashed blues rocker “Goin’ Down To The City.” Last, but not least, is Keith’s fun and funky composition “Who Dat, Where You At?” – a crowd favorite at his live shows.

The project also features the masterful drumming of Aaron Haggerty, melodic bass lines of Steve Evans, superb and soulful trumpet work from Scott Vento, combined with bassist Ben Burleigh’s funky grooves, adding exciting musical depth to the CD. With each song, with each melody, with each extraordinary composition, every song on Blue Funky Blue is enriching and satisfying right down to the very last note!


“An instant fan of guitarist Keith Andrew from the moment I heard his latest (and perfectly titled) album Blue Funky Blue, I couldn’t wait to check him out in the intimate, jazzy confines of Spaghettini. It’s a dinner place where you listen to music while you eat or drink, but it may as well been a rock and dance hall because he and his incredible ensemble—featuring the incomparably funky Rodney Taylor on sax—were grooving hard all night. As dynamic as his melodies and guitar lines are on disc, Andrew’s charismatic stage presence and exciting ventures off the main grooves and melodies make him a can’t miss live performer. His set was a cool mix featuring unique twists of songs we thought we knew pretty well (“Tequila”), unique less-often heard cover tunes (Ray Charles’ “Don’t Need No Doctor,” Ivan Neville’s “Do Ya,” Billy Cobham’s “Red Baron”) and spirited originals like “Bubblefunk,” which segued seamlessly and thematically into James Brown’s “Soul Power.” Another highlight was Andrew’s venture into lilting, easy funk reggae territory via his original “Going To Give You My Love.” This was truly a special night by a powerhouse artist who knows how to work a crowd into an appreciative frenzy!” –Jonathan Widran, Wine and Jazz Blog

“Guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Keith Andrew brings us a funky, saucy and smooth offering that is diverse, melodic, and loaded with swagger. This release, Blue Funky Blue, which also features saxman Marcus Anderson and guitarist Rob Tardik on select tracks, boasts a delightful blend of contemporary jazz, fusion, blues, funk, and touches of World, a recipe not unfamiliar to Andrew.

"On Blue Funky Blue, you’ll find yourself in the familiar settings of contemporary jazz (e.g., “Pookies Groove”), blues (title track), and funk (“Who Dat, Where You At?”) only to witness a slight detour into exotic areas of World (“Fertile Crescent,” “Sherpadance”) and great fusion (“Little Sierra,” “Makes Me Wonder,” “New Way”). You’ll also find tracks that just do their own thing, defying categorization or pigeonholing (e.g., “Howl Mountain” and the raspy “In the Middle of the Night,” which play with fusion, blues, and rock, as well). The outrageously swinging uptempo bluesy “Who Dat, Said Who Dat?” showcases Andrew’s ability to fire off lightning riffs and directs the spotlight toward the nimble fingers of keyboardist Nate Ginsberg, as well. This piece is jazz/blues on steroids, so hold on to your hats for the ride. Impressive showing of skill for sure. To say this album is full of emotion and creativity is an understatement. This had to be a true experience for all who participated in the making of this project. I personally wouldn’t say that Blue Funky Blue is as comprehensively bluesy and funky as its title might suggest, but if you want creativity, diversity, and totally impressive musicianship, open this door. You’ll find that you’re in the right place.” – Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride  

“Keith Andrew is not afraid to dig deeper into more dynamic styles the way he does on his extraordinarily well-played and adventurous new disc Blue Funky Blue. He made himself a name in smooth jazz with a few previous in the pocket contemporary jazz albums, but reflective of his recent live performances, he has a blast incorporating rich tastes of the blues, world music and old school funk that have defined his musical education and professional endeavors over the years. Some say the joy of being an indie artist is that it’s liberating, that you can please the audience the way you want to without corporate influence and market research. Keith perfectly embodies that spirit of the independent artist as he shows the different dynamics and versatility of his great playing on electric and acoustic guitar. – Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

"If you have been contemplating adding a great new contemporary jazz CD to your collection, you will not go wrong with Keith Andrew’s latest!" - CD Baby

“Guitarist Keith Andrew’s Blue Funky Blue CD release party JaZZed Spaghettini to the moon and back again. What a debut!!! His amazing guitar riffs, unique vibe and just-plain-fun stage presence shot this performance out of the park!” –Lynn Olson,




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